The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 20, 2013

We the People

CUMBY — To the editor:

Re An open letter sent to U.S. representatives

Since you have been in the Congress, you seem to have forgotten that in the United States of America there is a unique relationship between the people and government. The government is “We the people.” We are indivisible from our government.

Your rhetoric is harmful to this principle. You have spewed rhetoric or condoned rhetoric from peers that prevent(s) honest debate. Your negativity and specious comments about “the other side” close off hope that clear arguments can be heard. You seem to embody the notion of anarchy — where any law is too much (one exception is that you want to make laws regarding female reproduction). You appeal to the weakest of us — those so afraid of change they have banded together as neo-Nazis or Aryan brothers, or even those using circular logic similar to conservative religious jihadist in undeveloped countries. This scares me, and many others.

Lately you seem to believe that large pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, big banks, the National Rifle Association, and large corporations are “we the people.” This is not the case.

You are at war with agencies that help protect us from excesses of the aforementioned companies and criminals. These agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Energy Department are extensions of us (we the people), yet you treat them as alien invaders from Mars.

Because we the people band together to provide for the common good in areas where one person, one state or private business cannot, I expect you to do so on our behalf. So far you have voted against everything except pernicious rhetorical time-wasting votes that do nothing to promote our nation. You say you are for America, but your actions speak against its principles. Your calling may not be in government service.

I have sent you some ways you can serve us, reduce the debt, uphold your principles without long arguments in the House and Senate. Please be better men and better representatives for all of us.

We pay your salary, we give you health insurance that no one else except the very wealthy could afford, we pay for you to have a staff to research the truth and both sides of issues. So far you have not lived up to our faith in you. Please read my suggestions and get back to me.

LTC Rebecca Cord

US Army (Retired)

Texas Teacher