The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 20, 2013

Against gay marriage

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Eighty percent of America has blessed legalization of gay marriages. And, “Barack Obama is the first sitting president to openly support gay marriage” and the first president to mention gay rights in his inaugural address.

Yes, the old gal who opposes gay marriage is back. I took my licks before by some and, by some, was defended. But as a citizen of the United States, I think I have a constitutional right to speak up for my God and for my nation!

Frankly, it is extremely difficult for me to believe that 80 percent of America has recognized gay marriage as legal. True, we have been inundated in the past years by thousands coming across our borders illegally, of different cultures and faiths; but I have no idea of what their views are on this subject.

According to the article published, the larger percentage in favor of gay marriage are those younger, educated and hip.

But can we Americans be so numb-downed by the hype that we abandon the law of God to go with the crowd — and I am not just talking gay marriage — we are abandoning so many styles and attitudes. You ask, are you so perfect, Mrs. Stone, that you can preach to me? No, I certainly am not — I have never been a goody two shoes. Sometimes as you are narrowing the gap, things you once dismissed come up in caps. What do you suppose God has been telling us with all the disasters worldwide? One after another, after another, devastating destruction — and we just keep on playing our same game. I just betcha His frustration level has risen many notches.

So, when (or if) I hear someone say, “God help us!,” I’ll say you doggone sure got that one right!

As always, keep the faith — that’s where it is!

In God we trust,

Billie R. Stone