The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 15, 2013

The state of our nation

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

In past weeks there have been numerous reports of what is happening within our borders. Bureaucracy, if it is allowed to advance at the current rate, will destroy the U.S. as we have known it. President Clinton left things in pretty good shape. President Bush took a bad turn for sure, but President Obama is making President Bush look like a piker! Is there no one with the guts to attempt getting back on course? Now to bits and pieces.

Talk about fun and games. Are you aware that our president, vice president and families have experienced eight vacations during the first three months of 2013? For example, Biden’s trip cost him $500,000 per night.

While Obama was playing golf ($900,000-plus cost for one weekend), his wife went in another direction, as did the kids in another direction. That  means mega aircraft, etc., for coverage of three trips at the same time.

When have you gone on a really terrific vacation? And, annual “waste” is billed at $3.6 trillion? Each day $3.2 billion is added to our national debt — but of course vacations are not what is sinking us — it is just the irritation that kids cannot go to the White House but our prez and vice prez and families can spend millions on vacations in three months and walk away from the plane smiling at us subjects. It is hard to conceive of the load we are passing to our kids! Yes, we are economically drowning. Something has got to give, folks!

Sticky subject, but! Will the Supreme Court decide to make gay marriage legal in the U.S.? Growing reversal to Christian principles in our nation is frightening. Enough said.

Cyber attacks! Realism is that they are costing our businesses billions of dollars and that huge corporations just cringe and quietly write off their losses.

The world is becoming advanced beyond normal recognition. Pretty frightening and for many, hard to swallow.

Scary serious or serious stupid? Reportedly the U.S. dropped some inert bombs on the North Koreans. Give them an idea of our strength? Seems North Korea has now mapped a course of action where they will drop bombs on the U.S. and, whoa!, one is scheduled for Austin.

Washington and NYC, yes — but Austin? Perhaps these are deterrent war games, but it is not at all funny!

Would not seem to this inexperienced eye that playing with North Korea in any fashion would be smart. North Korea has got what it takes to make mighty holes in our earth! Pray to God it quiets down.

Next, reportedly our administration is talking severe cutbacks in our defense. If they reduce our military capabilities as is talked, our strength would be reduced to that prior to World War II. If one wants to take the U.S. down … that’s a great and terrifying start!

Oh, there is much, much more in the bits and pieces category, but out of room.

So! Prayers for our country and keep the faith because that is always where it is!

In God we trust,

Billie R.  Stone