The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 1, 2012

Proud of healthcare system

To the editor:

Re Thankful for Hunt County’s healthcare system

Since mid-December, I have had two occasions to be a patient at the Hunt Regional Medical Center (HRMC) part of the Hunt Regional Healthcare System (HRHS).

The first was an unscheduled visit in December, the result of a medical emergency; the second, a scheduled surgical procedure in February. My first entry into the system was by way of ambulance operated by the Hunt Regional Emergency Service (HRES). The EMS techs were prompt and professional getting me to the medical center where the ER staff took over and continued to provide the care that I needed.

From the ER, I was taken to several other departments for specialized procedures, i.e., CT scan, EKG test, etc. In the meantime clinical laboratory processes were underway evaluating body fluids for signs of abnormalities that may have contributed to the medical crisis in which I found myself.

Since all tests were negative, it was decided to keep me overnight as a precautionary measure. In every instance during my stay, the professionalism, skill, and TLC (especially from the staff on the west wing third floor) were readily apparent in every person with whom I had contact.

Doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides, techs, clerical staff, maintenance staff, and kitchen staff were, to a person, focused on providing me the best possible care and service; giving me the impression that they were all concerned for my well-being and making me as comfortable as possible.

My second trip to the HRMC was for a scheduled day surgery that turned into a two-day stay. This trip involved the outpatient processing organizations, surgical team, recovery staff, fourth floor staff, and then, as it turned out, the ICU staff along with some of the same support organizations mentioned above.

In addition, Dr. Wang and his staff were primary in my surgery. During my recovery, there arose an emergency situation which prompted an unscheduled overnight stay in the ICU. Throughout the normal process of getting into the hospital; pre-op lab work, surgery and recovery, and the unexpected emergency, every person who provided services or care to me acted most professionally applying their expertise with the utmost skill, giving my wife and me confidence that everything being done would result in a positive outcome. It did.

I’d like to mention each person who made my stays at the HMRC successful, but there are too many to remember; so, I’d like to give a big thank you to the board of directors, for their forethought and guidance in growing the healthcare system, the executive staff for the planning and day to day operation of the system, the citizens of Hunt County for voting bonds to grow the system, and every member of the medical team who make up the HRHS. Thanks to all we now have a healthcare system in our own back yard second to none.

John  Decker