The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 13, 2013

Common Sense talk

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

How about some common sense talk — common sense understanding about what’s going on.

Just “who” are these people suggesting that the president should be impeached ? Or assassinated — shot. Haven’t heard that from the

Democrats — must be those who oppose the president — and —

Democrats ... Huh?

And hey! Just “who” are these guys who are trying to “poision the president — kill — the president? Democrats ... Or …? Who are those guys (or gals) writing “I’ll kill you if I can get close enough!”

And “who” is this guy who says: Looks like we have reached the point where “armed revolution is the only solution”? That was our own little Teddy Cruz — who wants to be president. He hasn’t said just what kind of system he prefers instead of our present.

And then there’s Ricky — the coyote shooter. If he can’t be president, he wants to secede — if he can only remember which.

Let’s not forget — same bunch wants to privatize our Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits etc., etc., etc. Wants to turn ‘em over to private business for profit.

What a bunch of super patriots! Don’t you think it’s about time they level with us — tell us just “What type of system they’re ‘shooting’ for?”

Members of that group and fellow travelers: Are you proud of

your leaders? People who advocate presidential killing — people who are trying to incite violent armed revolution against our government?


Maybe time for some serious thinking among the Repub/”T” crowd.

R.W. Purcell