The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 1, 2012

Needed in Austin

To the editor:

I want to address the ugly and false content of the article written by Ms. Shedd in last Sunday’s edition. This letter is actually a SPAM-like email that has been going around, and I am surprised the Herald-Banner published it verbatim without much thought to where else it might have gone or the motives of its author.

As we all know, Dr. Deuell is one of the most conservative Republican members of the Texas State Senate. To question his credentials based on phony special interest scorecards that distort less than 1 percent of the votes of the legislature is absurd. Furthermore, the votes Ms. Shedd uses are gleaned from a scorecard that is more than two years old, picking out votes that Senator Deuell cast almost three years ago. We had an election already since then in 2010. Why is Ms. Shedd bringing them up now, during this election?

The full and true record shows Senator Deuell is leading the fight against Obamacare and helped balance our state budget without raising taxes. During his time in the Texas Senate, Senator Deuell has amassed a voting record that is 100 percent pro-life, 100 percent pro-second amendment and 100 percent pro-tort reform. To suggest this record is “not conservative” is patently ridiculous.

Senator Deuell’s integrity and Republican credentials are impeccable. This is why he was unanimously selected by his Republican colleagues in the State Senate as their past Chairman of the Texas State Senate Republican Caucus. Based on this and his invaluable seniority, Senator Deuell will likely be considered for one of many top positions in the State Senate next year should he be reelected.

Senator Bob Deuell is a doctor we trust at home and a conservative Republican leader badly needed in Austin.


Justin Young