The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 26, 2014

Already missed

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

When I moved back to Greenville after living 17 years in South Texas, I took the advice of my friend, Dr. Bill Thorn, who advised me to become an expert in some field. It didn’t matter what.

 He told me when I retired I should go to the local coffee shop and join a group known as the old geezers, and sooner or later the subject I was an expert in would come up and I would be in command.

And so I went to the Royal Drive In, and there were old geezers. They included Walter Grady, Trig Ekeland, Wally Ellis, Jack Dumas, Julius Nussbaum, Jack McPherson, John Mizell and Ed McMeans. Only three of us are left. There were others who joined us sometimes.

My subject finally came up, but I soon learned that Julius Nussbaum knew more about birds than I did. He invited me to go birding at Lake Tawakoni with his friends, Richard Kinney and George Harmon.

I asked Richard how many avid birders lived in the area and he said, “You’re looking at them.”

Julius Nussbaum was the purest birder I have ever known. By that I mean he was not interested so much as to how many new birds he could add to his life list, but enjoyed the birds he saw every day.

He was a gentle man and his wife, Joan, was a sweet lady.

They are already missed.

Bosie Boswell