The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 6, 2014

Stop, look around

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Evidence of God-

I was asked the question, “How can you talk to God when he is non-existent to me? I cannot see or touch him. Therefore to me he isn’t real.”

My response to that question can be answered in a multitude of different approaches.

If one prefers the scientific “I have to see it to believe it” approach, then there are many things that we experience on an everyday basis, yet we cannot actually see them at all.

For instance; the wind, we cannot see the wind. We can see the effects of the wind. The leaves blowing and rustling around in the grass, yet we cannot physically see the wind, only the effects.

Air is not visible to the naked eye either. Now try to dive under the water and see how long you can stay under the water without it, then you will realize how important air is to our lungs and the effect it has on human beings.

I cannot physically see gravity, but common sense tells me that if I jump off a building, the air that I also cannot see will cease to exist in my human body.

As far as talking to God, the same people who tell me that they cannot talk to God because they cannot see him are some of the same people I have seen talking to their relatives’ caskets and urns during funerals and at cemeteries. Why? They are not physically there. You cannot physically see them or hear them. Who are you talking to? Their spirit perhaps? God is also a spirit.

Some people believe in luck. They credit luck for the reason they escaped that wreck last week, or luck for their child being born healthy. Personally, I give God the credit for those things. They are called blessings, not luck. Luck also is not physically evident. One cannot see luck, but if luck is what you believe in, they could see the effects of this so-called luck.

Blessings on the other hand are physically evident and can be seen with the human eye. The new job you just obtained, even though you weren’t trained or qualified, the healthy newborn baby, or possibly a good report on a medical procedure or test; yes, my friends, those are blessings, not luck. Gifts from God that maybe you had hoped for or someone else had interceded and prayed for you.

In any case this is not an attempt to win anyone over to any one religion or belief. This is just a request for anyone who does not believe in God because they cannot physically see him or touch him to think about the following.  

Stop, look around you and think about all of the elements in the universe that you cannot physically see, touch or explain. Now think about how you can see their effects and how life would be without those elements, or would life even exist at all without them?

Michelle Jackson