The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

July 24, 2013

Attend corridor meeting

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:    

Please attend the public meeting about the proposed Blacklands Corridor Thursday, July 25. This is the first public meeting in the Blacklands Corridor feasibility study. There is no guarantee that a public meeting will be held in Greenville, even though Greenville is directly affected — 6 p.m., Phyllis NeSmith Elementary School cafeteria, 801 Presidents Blvd., Lavon, Texas 75166. Submit comments to

This proposed toll road does not automatically equal growth or progress, as is stated by TTC and toll road supporters. If this toll road is allowed, all of the highways in the area will suffer; we all will suffer. You are not protected from the effects of a toll road just because it doesn’t touch your property. The City of Greenville is fortunate to have more highways passing through its borders than most cities. We must preserve the ability to maintain/grow the highways already here.

Questions that need answers (answers to date):

Why do we need a toll road from Greenville to Lavon? (We don’t; we have a free route)

How will this toll road create growth for Greenville? (It won’t; it is a direct bypass of Greenville)

If the goal is to move people/products to/from the Metroplex quicker and cheaper, why not rail? (Too expensive, no cost comparisons presented by TTC).

Why does Greenville need a road (proposed “free” road that bisects Greenville just south of downtown) that bypasses both downtown and our IH30 business corridor? (We don’t need the free road, TTC wants it for direct access to IH30. It isn’t about us; it is about profits for TTC)

Does TTC still require this “free” road through Greenville in order to build the toll road? (Yes)

Who will pay to build/maintain the “free” road? (Unknown)

Will the “free” road be high-speed/limited access? (Yes)

What public roads will be affected (not improved/fully maintained) by a non-compete clause? (IH30, SH69, SH34, SH380, SH66, SH78)

Will speed limits be artificially manipulated on public roads to encourage travel on the toll road? (Yes potentially, TXDOT has done this).

Will TTC secure the right of way, and then sell the project for quick profit? (Probably, meets their business model)

Will the Blacklands Corridor include free access roads for the entire length? (No)

Will all nine Hunt county roads be bisected and dead-ended by the toll road? (Bisected yes, most, if not all, will be dead-ended)

How many entry/exit points are planned for the toll road? (Four in 24 miles)

Is TTC going to refrain from using its powers of eminent domain? (No)

Should tax-paying citizens take all the risk while TTC reaps the reward? (NO!!)

Will we, the citizens of Greenville, Hunt County and Texas demand that our state legislature stop diverting road funds and use tax dollars intended for roads to protect our public thoroughfares? (Please let this be Yes)

Plan to attend this meeting. Voice your concerns for our future. Don’t let supporters of this project question your ideas of progress, or your ability to fight a really bad idea.

D.J. Mead