The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 11, 2012

Step up, TxDOT

— To the editor:

 I recently read about the plans for Crossroads Mall and they sound great. However, if one more step in the transformation isn’t taken, it could all be for naught. As I recall, one of the main complaints over the years that kept the mall from being the success it was anticipated to be was the lack of a traffic light entrance  to the mall. (The Kari Lane traffic signals don’t count since that is still a congested area with restricted turning lanes.)

There needs to be a controlled light with turn lanes at the entrance to the mall to make the latest plans successful. When the mall opened, it seemed like it took forever to get in and out on Wesley Street and there were such overheard comments as “It was almost as quick to go on to the interstate and go to Dallas to shop.” Now Dallas is Rockwall and even more tempting.

Come on, TXDoT, step up to the plate and help us out like you’ve done at Wesley and Joe Ramsey.

Melva Geyer   Greenville