The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 11, 2012

All a myth

To the editor:

Mr. Lowry’s letter in Sunday’s Herald-Banner was filled with Republican/Conservative mythology. His opinions relating to Planned Parenthood and gas prices are simply wrong. His outrage is misplaced and uninformed.

Only 3 percent of Planned Parenthoods services are abortion-related. Federal tax dollars are used for the other 97 percent of services Planned Parenthood provides to working women in our country. It provides critically needed services for women without health care in the United States.

There are two factors that are driving up the price of crude oil. The first is oil speculators. The second is Iran and the instability caused by ill-advised and uninformed Republican rhetoric.

 In fact, oil consumption in the United States is down and production is at an eight-year high. In fact, we imported less than 50 percent of our oil needs last year. This is a 30-year low in oil importation.

We are entitled to our opinions, but we should at least use the facts in discussing any issue.


James Owsley