The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

January 29, 2012

Republican nonsense

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

I have been watching and listening to the Republican rhetoric and debates.

According to “them” and what they are saying about each other ... there’s not a single one of those who have dropped out or those still in who are “fit” ... or “qualified” to be president of the United States — yet, they would support those unfit and unqualified to serve in order to dump Obama.

Why would they want to “oust” the sitting president and replace him with a guy who “they” say cheats on his income taxes, cheats on his wife, lies about what he stands for on the issues, lies about the other candidates and all agree that their … Number “One” priority is to defeat Obama??? Really? Really???

What about the millions of unemployed, home foreclosures, homeless, the crumbling infrastructure? Economic recovery? Beat Obama is the ...”Number One priority” Really?

Let me tell ye something Fellers: It wouldn’t make any difference if Obama (in spite of them) created a million jobs every 15 days, got the economy back equal to the Clinton days, balanced the budget, reduced the debt to “Zero”... and a 500 billion surplus….

Their “top priority” ... would still be “Beat Obama”!

Sometimes I cite some facts that make some folks mad — make ‘em wanta puke .... Well here goes again: We’re hearing every single Repub candidate (in the debates and speaches “infer” ... that the food stamp program is “black” ... the blacks are gobbling up all the food stamps.

Fact: Whites 41 percent; blacks 30 percent and Hispanic and Asians about 20 percent.

And last. Why doesn’t Romney want to release his income tax and financial records?

If it would help him he’d jump at the chance ... if “he” like GE has paid no taxes .... Well?

R.W. Purcell