The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 18, 2012

Get involved

— To the editor:

I am a Quinlan resident of 43 years. My families — both blood and extended — have lived here for more than four generations. I too abhor the rampant crime associated with our area and I hate the fact that it has gotten so out of hand.

 I do not now, nor will I in the future sit idly by complaining about it. Nor will I try to place blame on the Sherriff or my city’s police department for not cleaning up my neighborhood. I worked with both of these agencies, and together we have made a difference.

If you are happy with your particular crime situation, keep writing letters to the editor and see how much crime you prevent or solve by whining and pointing fingers.

 If you’re not happy with your crime rate, feel free to try and help make a difference. If you don’t want to support or vote for Randy Meeks, then don’t, but he is our sheriff at the moment and if you don’t want to work with the local police and deputies that we have now, then don’t whine about crime.

I have read the paper for several weeks and continue to see the “I did this, the sheriff didn’t do that, blah blah, blah, crime is out of control and we can’t get help, these are the case percentages,” etc. Our county has an extremely large rural area.

We are not situated like Rockwall County; we are not staffed as heavily as they are, and our funding doesn’t even come close. So how can our sheriff’s department possibly keep up with their numbers? It is simple, they can’t.

Many burglary and theft crimes in our county never even have a suspect because no one saw or heard anything. Often no one even knew that the burglary occurred for a period of time afterwards. (No witness, no suspect, no evidence equals an extremely difficult crime to investigate, much less solve).

And there has to be some responsibility shouldered by the community. If you don’t get proactive with the things that will help our situation, then they are only going to get worse. Jack and Brandon Frazier followed their thief to a pawn shop in Garland where he was pawning their property.

Many others here besides me are ready to get active. Karen Houston had a very good idea with setting up game cameras in her building. Now that is being one step ahead of the thieves. But her crime would have never been solved without whom?  “The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department.”

I was personally involved with this case from start to finish and will happily go to court and testify in the felony theft cases against the defendants. I am the one who recognized the thief in the picture, I helped in every way I could from beginning to end and “I” helped do the footwork to close this case and “I” will continue to help the District Attorney’s office in any way that I can.

But, hear this, “I” could not have done any of this without the Sheriff’s Department and its deputies (Mike, Chris, Wren, Tommy and the rest, you know who you are.) If you would like something to focus on in the city of Quinlan, why don’t you try stopping by city hall and asking Billy Green why we only have two patrol officers?

 Then ask him why we haven’t had 24-hour protection in forever, even though our budget for police salaries has plenty of room for it. While you’re there ask why they only make $11 an hour, then read the employment ads in the back of this paper and ask yourself why there is no ad there to even try to fill our police vacancies.

I’m sure he would love to give you the same excuses he gave me. Don’t kick our cops, they are outnumbered by the bad guys, unappreciated by the city and county administrations (I don’t care what the political situation or motivation) and we the people can help.

Either help them or stop whining about your percentages and other politically motivated, irresponsible solutions.

Donny Brock