The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 19, 2013

Move beyond backroom

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

The questions brought up in the Feb. 15 opinions section regarding the L-3/City of Greenville lease negotiations deserve answers. No matter what your opinion on this issue, we can all rest assured of one thing. Time will move on. The only question left to answer is will we move forward with it or be left behind, condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

Negotiations between the City of Greenville and L-3 Communications are significant. There is a lot at stake, mostly in the form of jobs that are already on shaky ground (the result of sequestration fears and a slowdown in work). Nobody has lost sight of that. However, before negotiations begin, there should be communication, both fair and open, between both sides.

The question of who is or isn’t being included on the negotiation committee is valid. However, the real question that needs answering is why is there a committee in the first place?

The City of Greenville has an Airport Advisory Board, whose job it is, among other things, to “conduct studies relative to the development and needs of the Airport.” This board, made up of seven individuals with varying degrees of aviation background, represent the knowledge base critical in making an informed decision. One of the key functions of this group is to help with the review and implementation of lease agreements. With regard to other airport tenants, this board has reviewed and recommended several lease arrangement in the past, even as recently as a month ago. The L-3 negotiation should go through the same course of action that everyone else must go through.

There is a simple solution to this entire problem. Follow the already established procedures and policies. All business, regardless of size or “importance,” should adhere to the same processes. Let’s move beyond the backroom deals and into a better and brighter future.

Carl Brown