The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

May 23, 2013

Making a point

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

I just read Mayor Reid’s letter. I would like to make a point and finish upbeat.

I attended Leadership Class two years ago. One class, we toured Rubbermaid here. At the time, Rubbermaid had lost a major contract. I asked the plant manager what’s the most difficult subject facing his company and could we help him. His answer; The cost of electricity with this plant. He said management discussed the problem continuously. In fact, they had talked with GEUS.

Why is it that a private citizen could find that out and we blame a city manager, regardless of who that individual may be? We need to embrace our city staff here. It has been a problem far too long.

I want to be among the first to commend the mayor’s letter. His items regarding progress are all I ever wanted for us.

Why would we want to contest that? I happen to know we have been working towards some of these goals over the last five years. I’ve even played a role in asking businesses to open a location in Greenville. Let’s embrace the mayor on this, shall we?

There will be other elections. If you don’t agree with some decisions recently, groom yourself to become a candidate. I found at Tuesday’s council meeting agreeing with items discussed, even on the other side.

That’s what debate is. I shook hands with Duane May and told him that I often agree with 50 percent of what he says. He has great monetary input on items. Complaints about L-3 supporting candidates, I find to be wrong. All individuals and companies have that right.

 I chose to support candidates based on time I have invested in them. I actively try to solve items related to city function like food vendors at festivals. Our rules for this were written for a 14-day county fair. They are not in keeping for a short-term event. We often lose vendors year over year for lack of ease and cost. I want to go to people that know how to resolve problems quickly, not red tape while new personnel figure out their jobs.

Lastly, one of the blessings I have found the last couple of years is Troy Brakefield, Public Relations manager at L-3. He is a great sounding board and nice person to speak with. I wish him the best as you should.

I want Greenville to succeed as one. My point in closing is embracing all. We don’t have to disagree all the time. I ended up supporting the YMCA.

Why? Because it might be a great thing for Greenville. I wanted to support Kelly Gaudreau. That didn’t come without asking him questions.

I know how difficult it is to rally for one cause. I want to help him build a usable building for all. It’s harder to dislike something or someone than to compromise through debate. Let’s do the latter. We just might get there sooner than we think.

Optimism is a valuable trait,

Byron Taylor