The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

July 23, 2013

A culture of violence

Herald-Banner Staff

Cumby — To the editor:

Once again the culture of violence rears its ugly head. Another tragedy, another young man is dead, another young man’s life is destroyed, more families devastated. What do we really expect to happen when people have guns strapped to their hips? Is this the cult of the Old West? Whatever happened to reason, to compromise, to caring about our fellow citizens no matter what their ethnicity? When did sensationalism, jingoism, intolerance and prejudice become the dominant themes in our culture?

Sensationalism in the media as seen on MSNBC “Nancy  Grace” is completely undermining our judicial system by publishing inaccurate photographs and  prejudging cases without any knowledge of the circumstances, the evidence, or the laws that apply in each state. This kind of “frying instead of trying” is destroying the right of the accused to have a fair trial. We are a country governed by laws, not by uninformed opinion.

The integrity of our courts is too precious a commodity to be wasted on who gets the highest media ratings, and who has the most vitriolic guests to throw more fuel on the fire. We cannot allow this to happen because our country is already strained to the point of breaking by greed, intolerance and political brinksmanship.

This is a representative democracy; if we believe laws to be unfair or biased, then we vote to change them. If we dislike the views of our representatives, we elect new ones. Our only real choice is to let go of the rhetoric and return to reason, honesty and integrity as our guiding principals.


Carol Rose Allen