The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

January 16, 2014

Who wants the truth?

QUINLAN — To the editor:

How low can they stoop. That is Andy Bench who is running against Judge Tittle in the District Judges race. Does anyone really want the truth?

Hunt County voters should see right through the tactics that Benches cronies are using to get Judge Tittle out of office. Hunt County has gotten so corrupt over the years that I ahve lived here, just watching what is going on. It is corrupt with so many of our Elected Officials that we now have in office.

Judge Tittle has done nothing but try to make things better for the tax payers in Hunt county and that is why his opposition wants him out of office.

Tittle has tried to put caps on hourly costs and pleas that court appointed attorneys can charge in Hunt County to bring them down to the levels paid by our rich neighbors — Rockwall & Collin counties.

Judge Tittle has tried to get these costs lowered. However he is always voted down by the five judge panel that sets the fees the attorneys can charge the county. Andrew Bench is one of the five. There are no caps. The county spends upwards of $1,000,000 per year on court appointed attorneys. That is our tax money. It is no wonder that every attorney in Greenville wants him gone. They would actually have to work instead of sucking off the taxpayers of Hunt County.

We have to think for ourselves about what is going on here instead of taking Lord Byron Harris’ opinions and making them our opinions. Why was a prosecutor threated with duck tape? Probably because she was ranting so much that the judge could not keep order in his court. Normally someone who did that would be charged with contempt and carried off to Jail. Go read the full transcript for yourself. Lord Byron will certainly not give you the full story.

It is a sad day when the opposition goes to channel 8 news and has a news man use half truths about the Judge. I guess the lies will be next. Reporters do that for a living. They sensationalize everything to make things look worse.

It is unbelievable that 30 days into the campaign the news media has furnished the forum for the Bench campaign with nothing but negative coverage toward our good incumbent Judge. We haven ot heard on thing positive from Bench’s campaign.

This is just some of the things that Judge Tittle has to endure. He is only one vote iwth these other Judges and one man, but it takes one man to start to make a change in Hunt County politics.

Judge Tittle is running his campaign on merits and not to the level of negative and malicious sleezy politics of his opponent.

So this is another reason to vote for Judge Tittle in March.

Michael Preston