The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 9, 2012

In response

— To the editor:

I must respond to Anthony Catania’s letter in the March 7 newspaper. 

I don’t believe Mr. Catania shared enough facts to fully understand his issues; however, comments such as these are potentially damaging to our city’s and county’s reputation. Apparently some things happened with a commercial property he owns here, and he was not satisfied with getting the help he felt he needed.

I also own commercial property in Greenville, and I have leases in place that protect both me and my tenants. If one of my tenants should damage one of the properties, then it would be deducted from their deposit. I also have a local property manager who ensures my tenants are taken care of and also make sure my property is being maintained. 

I don’t know what happened to Mr. Catania’s property, but if anyone did something criminal against me, then I would press charges against them through the police department or file a civil law suit against them. These are rights we all have.

As far as the comment that there is a “buddy system” at work here, I am not from the state of Texas, I do live in Hunt County now and I have made the choice to get involved in this city in which I conduct  business. Being involved in the community is not a “buddy system,” but a requirement of good citizenship. I am a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and have joined several organizations including the local Rotary to give back to the community from which I hope to profit.

Many aspects of Greenville and Hunt County contribute to it being a wonderful place to live and work. Of course, we can and should always seek improvements.

Mr. Catania, have you considered getting involved and becoming part of the solution?

Kim Quimby

Double K Travel Services

Hunt County