The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 18, 2012

Time to stand up

— To the editor:

Isn’t it time for the citizens of Hunt County, Texas and specifically the City of Greenville to take a serious look at the people they are electing  Isn’t it time for all citizens of Texas and the United States to do the same? 

Today I would like to address the upcoming primary race’s in Hunt County between the Democratic and Republican parties. Citizens and taxpayers in Greenville and Hunt County deserve city and county officials who serve them, not themselves.

For nine months I have been trying to get answers to a problem I had with a judge(who lied to me), the Police Department (who treated me like a criminal), the Hunt County DA(who won’t hold anyone accountable), and Steve Alexander, the City Manager of Greenville (who refuses to even answer my phone calls or emails) who was placed into his office by the elected officials in Greenville, be held accountable?

All I really wanted was my day in court. Isn’t it our constitutional right to due process?  Shouldn’t elected officials or the people they place in city positions be held accountable for their actions or in this case no actions?

 Is there any officials in the city of Greenville who really care about right and wrong? Honestly, the only two people who cared enough to return a phone call were Representative Dan Flynn’s office and Senator Bob Deuell office.

 If the City of Greenville’s elected city officials and those they select for Greenville City jobs will not address serious problems, what kind of elected officials are they? My problem is still not solved. Officials in Greenville must think the problem will go away if they refuse to address it. Sweep them under the rug. I can assure you they will not.

It is time for all Hunt County and the City of Greenville residents to stand up and speak out about injustices done to them by their elected officials and those they select for city jobs, like Steve Alexander.  Hold your elected officials accountable and those they choose to represent them accountable. Doing nothing about a problem is a bigger problem in itself.

Gracelyn May