The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 12, 2013

Debacle not so new

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Did you read Bill Weiszbrod’s letter to the editor (8-8-2013) concerning the Social Security debacle our government is leading us into? Actually, there is nothing new about it because they have shaved our Social Security benefits before. My working career was about half private industry and government employment. In fact, when I retired after 47-plus years, I was told I would lose 50 percent of one retirement monthly income. The rule had been changed. Certain personnel who had worked in both private industry and federal government could not draw two full checks out of the Treasury.

To the real bur. Our president has not shown much interest in pushing the investigation concerning the IRS … or the NSA … or the Benghazi … each of which is a serious situation. Frankly, his several White House podium releases, throwing out barbs such as “phony stories,” have been a slap in the faces of those affected. They deserve a hearing and an answer. The way our Fourth Amendment rights have been walked on is disgraceful.

But save the day, Mr. President! Go on Jay Leno’s show and release stories which you had walked around at the White House podium … or had someone just given the go-to release comments on such? Guess getting on Leno’s show is a preamble to their next vacation. The news I picked up on was that his schedule … world turmoil … terrorist threats, etc., had made it imperative that they have a vacation. Well, guess we can expect another $4-5 million on the next one. When the oft-berated previous president went on vacations, he went to his ranch down the way here in Texas or up to Dad’s place in the East. I’ll bet his trips were not as showy or expensive. Different folks … different strokes. (Offbeat, but prayers for President Bush)

Odds are this letter won’t get past the editor; but in case it does, keep the faith!


In God we trust,

Billie R. Stone