The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 6, 2012

Does anyone care?

— To the editor:

I own a strip center in Greenville. Has anyone in Greenville questioned the fact that businesses in Greenville are dying? Could the reason be because of the elected and appointed officials in Greenville and how they conduct business?  Could it be the buddy system (where everybody knows everybody else)?

My problem started with some previous tenants. I was treated unjustly and unfairly. They were allowed to vandalize my building by a Greenville judge and the Greenville Police Department. Not one person, including the city manager, the Hunt County DA, or any other official will answer my phone calls, emails, or certified letters.

I sent DA Nobie Walker a certified letter. That is what other officials said I should do. The District Attorney, Nobie Walker, will not and has not responded to my pleas for help. They refuse to address any of these issues.  Why would anyone want to own commercial property in Greenville or pay taxes which pay officials like the city manager and Greenville’s Police Department?

Is there any organization in Greenville that cares enough to question what’s happening in their city? Does anyone have the authority to ask for an investigation concerning what’s really going on with elected officials and those placed into office in Greenville?

I’ve found only three people who cared enough to talk to me. Senator Bob Deuell and Representative Dan Flynn from District 2. Detective Conner, a 23 year veteran from the City of Rockwall Police Department, who investigated a personal death threat against me and is very familiar with the goings-on of Hunt County. Why can’t someone give him a call?

Anthony Catania

Commercial Property Owner