The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 22, 2013

Safe place a waste

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Regarding your recent article about the City of Greenville wanting to build a community safe place… I think this would be a waste of money and effort. Aside from the fact that a facility that would accommodate the population of Greenville (some 24,000+), getting any appropriate number of people to the facility in an emergency would be unlikely. Getting to the facility on foot would not be practical and by auto would create such a traffic jam, it would be impossible to imagine.

There are many plans for the building of a safe room in your home. Storm cellars are not practical in this blackland area. While I was growing up in northwestern Oklahoma, we had storm cellars which we used at the probability of a tornado. The probability of slipping in the bathroom and killing yourself is greater than the threat of a tornado. As for a hurricane, I have lived in Greenville for over 50 years, and I don’t remember ever having a hurricane.

I have survived tornadoes and hurricanes for 88 years, and I don’t see any reason to be worried about them now. If we’re going to spend the money, let’s spend it for some practical purpose.

Bill Weiszbrod