The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 19, 2013

Supporting Perkins

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

I’ve noted over the past week a proliferation of new blue yard signs announcing the approval of some church or another’s candidate for office. These candidates never seam to have a track record to run on other than the requisite tithing record.

I have another approach to selecting a candidate. I vote for the individual whose personal training, past performance and voting record support my beliefs as to what makes an effective city leader.

Dan Perkins is just such a candidate. As the City Council representative for Place 1, he has been a discerning participant in city government, a voice of fiscal responsibility and has represented my interests whenever I have contacted him with an issue in my neighborhood.

Last year the City public works department was about to make yet another ineffectual attempt to correct a long-standing odor problem in our neighborhood. I contacted Dan to discuss the issue. I thought that the City was taking the wrong approach yet again instead of addressing the root cause. Dan intervened for me, and the City stepped back and reconsidered the issue. They changed their approach to the problem and solved the real issue rather than the symptom. The problem that had existed for the past 24 years was corrected permanently thanks to Dan.

I owe Dan, but not enough to let him off the hook. I’m hoping to keep him working for me, at no cost, for as long as the City Charter will permit.


Tim Adams