The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 2, 2012

Following the dots

Herald-Banner Staff


To the editor:

One of our presidential candidates believes our Constitution needs to be changed. In other words, they got it all wrong. “Needs to be softer and gentler and distribute more.” He said he could make a difference in the troubled Middle East.

Oops… Forty countries have now burned American flags and they say “Death to America.”

Oops… Then they burned our Embassy and killed four Americans.

Oops… They also didn’t know they were pleading for help to be sent… None came — denied.

He had many documents sealed from his past. He has many questionable friends in Washington positions. He lost track of hundreds of AK47 guns that were let go across the border … hundreds now killed by them.

Hugo Chavez thanks him for millions he gave them to drill for oil.

Fidel Castro thinks he is great and doing a good job.

Russia’s Putin is waiting and hoping he will win so “he can be more flexible.,” and he’s changing the face of America to a culture of his liking.

You might want to hug your grandchildren … again.

Samuel A. Coats