The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 6, 2013

Questioning Council

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

James Evans has been appointed by L-3’s mayor to serve on the L-3 committee, along with the mayor and mayor Pro-tem Dailey. All members have been put in office with huge contributions from L-3 employees.

 The council has voted for a nondisclosure agreement whereby the remaining council members nor anyone else will be informed of what is going on until an agreement is reached for the council to approve. We already know whatever the proposal is, it has five yes votes.

On May 26 and again on May 29, articles in the H-B stated that the council had voted in January to hire a new law firm. This is to help the city in negotiations with L-3. What negotiations? Anyway, this is not accurate. It was at the Feb. 12  meeting that the agreement was voted on with the four L-3 reps voting for and the other two members present voting against.

 The main problem with this was that three weeks before (in January) the law firm had written a letter to Mayor Reid thanking him for selecting them. L-3  now controls the council votes, hires our law firm, tells us who they will and will not talk to with the city, has fired the city manager, appointed an interim manager and will hire a new CM and decide how much the salary will be.  

Looking at L-3 campaign contributions for the three committee members:

Reid — Total contributions, $26,500, L-3, $12,600, 48 percent; Dailey — Total, $9,900, L-3, $7,250, 73 percent; Evans, Total, $8,850, L-3, $5,000, 57 percent.

These figures are rounded off and not claimed to be exact, but they are close; and the people involved are welcome to give their side of the story. Anyone can get these reports from the city website.

After further study, the figures for other L-3 candidates are: Bell — Total, $9,900, L-3, $7,275, 73 percent; Francey, Total, $10,800, L-3, $6,500, 63 percent.

Tyson Cox who was the L-3 candidate in the last election, and was defeated,  received contributions of $15,000, with L-3 interests at $9,700 or 64 percent. L-3 people had given James Evans $5,000 that was transferred to Cox. That is included in the Cox figures. Thanks to my fellow Place 1 citizens for electing a real “city” councilman. Since March 2011, L-3 people have given over $51,000 to city candidates. If you believe this is not corporate money, George Strait has a deal for you.

Another interesting fact is that the people with Texarkana addresses that contributed heavily to these candidates are the people who want to put the Payday Loan in the old Braums’ building. These council members did not have a super majority to overturn the P&Z decision, but the mayor tried to get them to consider it again, which their chairman refused to do.

With Evans’ vote they will probably get it now when time allows it to be brought up again. They will not consider that the majority of Greenville citizens think they should all be closed.

In the May 28 meeting, Mayor Reid, in addressing the insinuation that L-3 was buying seats, said he “could not even fathom what you are thinking.” Does this bother anyone else? Let your voices be heard.

Jim Morris